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Mobile Trailer Repair
Annual Mobile Repair Service Package



Annual Cost:

Single axle trailer under 5,000lb $199.25 per year

Tandem axle trailer under 10,400lb $295.00 per year

What’s included?

One of our experienced trailer techs will come to you on a scheduled date to do a preventative maintenance inspection and service on your trailer.

1. Axle inspection on (torsion arms and axle beams or leaf springs, bushings, shackles, shackle bolts, equalizer arm)

2. Hubs, bearings, races, seals- if any of these are bad, they will be replaced with a brand-new hub kit at factory OEM cost. Currently 3,500 lbs hub kit-$35.39 5,200 lbs hub kit-$63.99 labor included.

3. Lights and wire harness inspection.

4. Tire inspection (air pressure, nails, valve stems, inconsistent wear, dry rot) tire changes will have to be taken to our facility unless we know ahead of time and replace the tire and wheel.

5. Tongue latch inspection.

6. Main hull running boards, carpet, staples, lag bolts, pivot brackets. Main running boards can be replaced if we know measurements before service to be premade.

7. Jacks, safety chain, winch and strap inspections.

8. Visual frame rail and cross member inspection.

9. Basic brake inspection (pads, calipers, drums, backing plates, brake lines, fluid, master cylinder)

10. Rollers, bump pads, bow stops.

Any services requiring welding, paint refurbs, tire changes, anything revolving a hoist or to take boats off the trailer will need to be done at the shop. Any additional parts or labor other than hubs and bearings will be at normal cost.

Anything over 20 miles one direction from Ram-Lin is additional $2.00 per mile one way

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